Paul Yeung
Director | The Final Boss

Fun fact: Back in 2015, Paul’s first foray into the VR world was using a $12 Google Cardboard headset. Ever since that fateful virtual roller coaster experience (which may or may not have ended in tragedy), he’s never looked back! When he’s not overseeing or working directly on PiW projects, he’s out and about, sharing his experiences and ideas on ways to that can extract the true potential of this amazing technology.


Justine Phang
Creative Lead | The Magical Unicorn

Justine (or more endearingly referred to as JP by her mates) loves nothing more than coming up with concepts and inspirations for our games, utilising her experience and skills in Design and Architecture. She is also passionate about creating immersive environments whether it is physical or virtual. When not busying herself with a million other hobbies, JP enjoys taking scenic walks (or runs) in open-world MMORPG games.


Jeffrey Davidson
Design Lead | Swiss Army Knife

Passionate about Design and 3D Modelling / Animation, Jeff (AKA Jeffy, Jeffro, Lil J Meister, Jeffasaurus, J-Dawg, Jeffaz) enjoys gaming, pop culture and creating digital art. Much like the Swiss Army Knife, he has a variety of useful and also random set of skills, making him an all rounded and entertaining member of the PiW Entertainment team. Check out his artwork below!