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The PiW team attends Unite Melbourne 2018

At PiW, Unity is our game engine of choice due to its ease of use and large community of users. When we heard that Unity was going to be holding it’s own conference in Melbourne we naturally wanted to get in amongst the action!

Rather than the usual ‘I-did-this-and-saw-that’, I’d like to share with you some tips to get the most out of the event if you’re going to attend:

  1. Send in a few of your teamies. There’s so much content to digest you’ll seriously want to be in 3 places at once!

  2. Bring a notebook or laptop. A majority of your day will be spent in a lecture-style session with a Q&A bit at the end. The presenter will be constantly throwing out tips and tricks and you’ll want to be taking as many notes as you can.

  3. Be sure you’re well rested. This is a big one - we spent a lot of sleepless nights working on our project just prior to Unite (hush hush). The sessions are almost back-to-back and so there’s very little time for you to rest. You can take a break with the supplied lunch but you might also miss out on a presentation during lunch.

  4. In the morning, do a quick scan of the presentations on offer. You will be given a printout of the presentation timetable. Unfortunately some of them have rather vague titles or they’re just not announced until the day. Do a quick search on the internet to see if those presentations may interest you before committing.

  5. Go to the after party! Please note it’s an R18 event but if you can attend, it’s one of the greatest parts of the day. It’s a time where you can grab a beer and really connect with the community. Even if you’re a hardcore introvert it pays to have a few glasses of ‘liquid courage’ and walk up to one of the presenters, tap them on the shoulder and introduce yourself. Heck, they’ve been talking to a room of 100 people for an hour. I’m pretty sure they won’t mind talking to a single person for just 5 minutes!

So who would I recommend this event to? Honestly, I would suggest anyone with a passion for Unity development or game development in general. Whether you want to gather news on the latest Unity tech, learn new ways to develop your content, mix and mingle with new people, win cool merchandise or just consume copious amounts of alcohol, you will walk away with something to take back home.

A big thank you to the Unity team that made this day possible and of course, the awesome folks who took the time to chat to the PiW team.

Bring on Unite 2019!