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VR, engagement and the mainstream

After a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, Oculus released their first HMD (Head Mounted Display) to the public back in 2013. It was an exciting time; sparking a renaissance in the industry and bringing the technology back to the world’s attention. But after several years, how come VR hasn't taken off as well as many expected?

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The PiW team attends Unite Melbourne 2018

At PiW, Unity is our game engine of choice due to its ease of use and large community of users. When we heard that Unity was going to be holding it’s own conference in Melbourne we naturally wanted to get in amongst the action!

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Seminar - VR 101: Design principles for virtual world

So I attended a seminar presented by the good folks at Academy Xi (Melbourne) which was for Design Week. It was actually quite an interesting introduction to a variety of what should be generally common sense, but can sometimes be masked by the main idea too. It was also great to hear some ‘veterans’ (which in the VR world really goes back as 4-5 years) talk about their experiences.

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